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Tuesday, 13-Nov-2007 14:06 Email | Share | Bookmark

temp hari niee.....
dah snow
era pun nak tiup lilin
era tgh merajuk
era so happy

Choux Paste:

250ml water
100gm margarine
125 gm soft flour
3 nos eggs
a pinch of salt

Custard filling:

500ml fresh milk
100gm sugar
1 egg
25gm custard powder
30gm soft flour
1/2 tsp of vanilla esssence

Method for choux paste:

1) Boil water and margarine till boiling.
2) Pour in all the flour and stir vigorously with a wooden spoon till paste is not sticky and leaving the side of the pan. Remove from heat and let it cool till lukewarm.
3) Stir in eggs and mix till it becomes a smooth paste.
4) Fill paste into a piping bag fitted with a nozzle and pipe onto a baking tray..
5) Bake at 180C for about 20 minutes or till puffed up and golden in colour.

For filling

1) Add in all the ingredient and heat it up until it thick.
2) Put in the the pastry cream into the pipping bag.
3) Cut cream puffs but not cut through, pipe some custard filling into the puff and close back the top put.
4) Serve.


Men NEVER listen !!

A man and his wife receive a letter from their daughter who went to study overseas:

My beloved Parents, I miss you so much. I don't know when I'm coming home, but it seems not anytime soon. It breaks my heart to think that by the time I get back you'll be too old. So enclosed you will find a bottle of a potion I have invented. It will make you young, so when I return you'll be the same age as I left you. NOTE: " Please take only one drop"
NOTE: "Please take only one drop"

So they open the envelope and in it there is a bottle with a red potion..
The husband looks at the wife and says: "You go first."

So the wife opens the bottle and takes a drop, there after the husband follows. Indeed they do turn 5 years younger.

A year passes and the daughter returns home to find her mother young and beautiful, carrying a baby on her back.
The mother proceeds to tell her daughter how the potion worked and made her look young.

The daughter is delighted and asks about her father.
"Your father, my child, got so jealous that I was young and beautiful so he drank the whole bottle."
"So where is he?"

"Oh, that's him I have on my back."

Hari Ahad lepas, celebrate Hari Jadi Ika lagi....dia nak tanggih jugak buat parti....Kek birthday Ika tu kita buat sendiri, her favourite chocolate cake with cream cheese. Dan deconya alahai...main hentam jeeee...tangan masih keras lagi nieee, tak lembut2 lagi..... rasanya cikgu nak mengajar pun takut kotttt....

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