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Tuesday, 22-May-2007 18:44 Email | Share | Bookmark

FOR BREAKFAST: SCRAMBLED EGGS SALAD(just copy from Hanieliza fp)

Bahan Telur
3 biji telur
2 tangkai cili merah [tumbuk/blend]
2 ulas bawang merah

Bahan Sayuran [hiriskan]
cili merah


1. Gaulkan bahan telur kecuali minyak dan buattkan scrambled eggs [telur hancur].
2. Gaulkan semua bahan sayuran ngan scrambled egg. Rasakan garamnya.
3. Hiaskan dengan mayonis.
4. Hidangkan dengan roti atau nasi.

Sambal Goreng Ayam Emak (Chef Wan)


12 keping ayam
1 sd besar serbuk kunyit
1 sd the garam
3 tangkai daun kari
60ml air asam jawa
60 ml air
3biji ubi kentang (dipotong baji dan goreng)-kita tak bubuh ubi kentang
2 biji tomato,dipotong 4

Bahan kisar:
2 sd besar cili giling
8 ulas bawang merah
4 ulas bawang putih
1 cm halia
1 ½ sd besar ketumbar biji
1 sd besar jintan manis
1 sd besar jintan putih


1.Gaulkan ayam dgn kunyit dan garam.
2.Panaskan minyak dan goreng ayam,jgn terlalu garing.
3.Tinggalkan 3 sd besar minyak dan tumiskan bahan kisar bersama daun kari sehingga naik baunya.
4.Masukkan ayam goreng,air asam dan air.Masak sehingga kuah pekat.
5.Kemudian masukkan ubi kentang dan tomato.
6.Perasakan dgn garam dan gula dan kacau selama 2 minit.


Utk pengetahuan semua,kita paling suka tgk reality show.....mcm survivor,apprentice UK,big brother, extreme makeover dan byk lagi... baru2 nie kita tgk survivor Fiji..best sgtttt...geram pun ada.,kita paling tak suka dgn si Dreamz nie,penyeleweng dan tak tahu asal usul diri dan kita paling salut si Yau Man....he's the best.....survivor adalah reality show yg tunjukkan berbagai-bagai jenis manusia dlm dunia tak kira yg beragama ataupun tidak. For million dollar,semua boleh jadi....nie blogs from the previous survivors. I like their comments on Dreamz and Yau Man......

5/16/07 12:12 am
There is an ancient Japanese proverb that states, “When a tiger dies and leaves the earth, he leaves his stripes, but when a man dies and leaves the earth, he leaves his character.” When I meet someone, it is not his/her title, their wealth, or where they came from that impresses me. It is where they are going in their life with their values, goals, and character.
I was sad and angry with the Survivor Finale because, like many other viewers, I had started to like Dreamz. I had to wait a couple of days to write a blog because I was shocked and disgusted at Dreamz’s decision. As you know, Yau-Man was my favorite, but I enjoyed all the other Survivors and hope to meet all of them in the future. It would be difficult for me to meet Dreamz.
First of all congratulations to Earl for an outstanding and wonderful game that he played. I forgot and did not even notice that the Final 3 were black because I get into the show for what the contestants are from the inside and the quality of their character. The final vote reflects the respect that you deserve from the Fiji Jury.
Boo became another one of my favorites and kept everything off-balanced. Anytime, someone can beat the Yau-Man at a challenge and win the Immunity necklace is a stud. He rose to the top in the last 3 weeks bringing out his true talents, especially at the Final Tribal Council. A shot of Jack with you anytime Boo.
More power to Cassandra (who could not swim, wandered aimlessly in the maze challenge and was the worst athlete) for adapting to the tribes and individuals. There will always be a Cassandra or Cirie in every season who will be in the final 6, which makes it a better show. A shot of Jack with Cirie and Cassandra any time.
It was good to have Rocky and Lisi for making the show more interesting with their loud personality, but I wanted to head-butt Rocky and Lisi every week every time they opened their mouth. Win or Lose, they are not afraid to tell everyone just how they feel. A shot of Jack with them any time. I think they got more air time over some of the other Survivors who the show did not develop and the viewers would have enjoyed to get to know them better.
WOW. Did all the ladies look gorgeous at the Finale. WOW. I had to say it again. A double Jack straight up with all of them any time.
The scene at my house was a lot of cheering and encouragement for Dreamz to hang on and win the Immunity Necklace for the Yau-Man. But when he hesitated and kept the necklace instead of saying to Yau-Man, “I promised you this“, I knew it was going to be bad. I’m sure this was the type of decision Dreamz makes all his life. Everyone gets bad breaks or lightning bolts thrown at them, but how you bounce back with Honor, Spirit, and Integrity is how you elevate yourself in life. Even if you win a million dollars, if you are an assh**e, you are just an assh**e with a million dollars. A million dollars will not make you a better person, but only magnify what you are. As a strong Christian, (being a Christian is not a game) I was so happy when dreamz said, “I promise to God. I want my son to see me as a man of my word.” That’s a moment that I will always remember Dreamz because he really said it from the heart and emotion. And the moment I will remember is when he said, “I’m keeping the Immunity Idol.” That’s what the world will remember. You will never be able to change that moment. That’s again Boo for challenging him on his beliefs at the Tribal Council. He wasn’t playing when he got the truck, you could see it in his eyes and heart.
For that one decision to give the Immunity necklace as a MAN of his word, Dreamz and Yau-Man could have been the most demanded reality personality to make appearances.
If Yau-Man gets lonely, he can always invite me to tag along. I have a big heart.
Although, Survivor is a reality game, you become part of the viewer’s life. Whether you like it or not, you become a hero, villain, a role-model, or someone who slips into obscurity like a candle in the wind after their season is over.
To Yau-Man; Thanks for setting the standards of Survivor to a new level. The Immunity Necklace should be called the Yau-Man necklace. A shot of Jack or Sake with you any time. You should give up ping-pong and write a book on, “How To Win at Survivor.“ I think that the Pirate Master will be a flop without some older people (there were a lot of older real pirates), me and the Yau-Man. I really think that all the older Survivors can kick butt. Also, I have some real pirate wenches on myspace.
To Scout, Amy, Brian, BobDawg and Johnathan, it has been a wonderful season and an honor to share my blogs with you. Thanks for your humor and insights. A shot of Jack with you guys any time.
To all the viewers, bloggers, website fans and readers, Merci Beaucoup mille fois and a shot of Jack with all of you.
See you at the Top. Bruce Kanegai

5/15/07 4:23 pm
As a wall-eyed genius once wrote in his play about folks trapped together with No Exit; ‘Hell is other people’.

Yau man now knows it’s true. But unlike most people who go to hell, he’s being canonized into well-deserved tele-sainthood. He comes out smelling like a rose. And Earl deserved the win. Lisi deserves her new chin. Alex deserves scorn and derision, and Rocky probably deserves all the lady-love he is, no doubt, now knowing. I hate to say it but he looked great at the reunion. Cassandra played a brilliant, un-winnable duck and cover game. Not my style, but it worked. Ask Becky when you see her.

And then there’s Dreamz.

I thought he’d give it up. I did. My Stacy said no way; that all season long they’ve been cutting him as a lunatic and Yau Man as a ‘threat’. She saw it coming. I love her for it, but hate that it happened.

In hindsight, of course, you say, a wild card is not to be trusted. You bring a wild card into the game and all bets are off. Literally. Yau didn’t think Dreamz was a wild card though. He thought he was a person like him. Because it’s hard to imagine people NOT being like you.

And I realize, amazingly, the have and have-not thing; the ‘class’ issue that the season started with really did impact the game.

Not tribally-- not who had tea cups and sofas. (And obviously not racially, with three African Americans in the final three.) But in that, the one actual have-not in the game, Dreamz, played with such an ingrained, street-hardened ‘survivor’s’ mentality that it truly blindsided all of us who were taught that one’s ‘word’ means something. Who were taught that honor and honesty somehow count for more than money or a last best chance.

I think knowing where our next meal is coming from and where our next night of bed-rest will take place, gives us the time and the security to project ourselves into the future. Where we can see how something immediately gratifying might have long term ramifications. I see that maybe we take for granted the socialization and the education that teaches how a little self-sacrifice can have a tremendous long term benefit. That teaches good will, integrity and a guilt-free conscience are worth A LOT -- to the folks you are dealing with and to one’s self.

Most of us didn’t grow up on the streets. Maybe if we had -- with few long term opportunities, learning to seize the few chances right before our eyes, we might have done what Dreamz did too. He probably earned 20,000 dollars more than Yau in the game. And he got the truck. That ain’t chicken feed. We might have taken the immediate gains too, unaware of (or willing to endure) the hatred and nausea that would follow us.

But the problem for me is, it makes me kind of tired and sad and angry, really. I think his kind of thinking is why, in the real world, so many people find themselves in jail or on the streets. Because of their own short-sightedness. And by extension, the shortsightedness of the system that cannot help them see a long-term future of hope and health. I don’t know how to fix that system. I don’t know anything except personal responsibility. Dreamz was lucky/smart/special enough to get on Survivor – he’s now rich and (in)famous. Most folks from his former situation don’t get that break. He played it as best he could, I guess, but I resent his way of thinking. Or rather, the way of thinking, he is emblematic of. And even if I can understand it objectively, (if I do) I don’t like it.

Honestly, it scares me. Not Dreamz, of course, but what his actions say to me.

I don’t want to be a duck and cover survivor, but today, suddenly, I feel like even here off the island, where we’re all just trying to get along, there are folks who just don’t think the way I do, and will see me harmed for their own short term benefit without worry of the impact on their own lives. Or on mine. Hyperbole or no, it’s true.

The haves and the have-nots. The fundamentalists. The wild cards. The Dick Cheneys. The folks who toss people onto the street. The people who toss away their futures for a thrill or a buck. The Others. I want to interact with them. I want to understand them. But I can’t get inside their skulls. It makes me want to pull the covers over my head, or put a gate up in front of my un-gated house. Hell as other people.
Yes, all this from a f’ing game show.
A show we love because it IS reality.
The season’s over. And it was a bummer in the end.
But this blog, friends, I’ve loved it. So until next time, I wish you all peace, love and understanding.

After 19 Survivors spent 39 days battling the intense Fijian sun, suffering severe dehydration and starvation along with countless alliances made and broken, the winner of SURVIVOR: FIJI has been named. Earl Cole, the 35-year-old advertising executive from Santa Monica, California emerged virtually unscathed as the winner of the million dollar prize and title of Sole Survivor. Controlling the game as puppet master, Earl maneuvered both his alliance and his opponents like chess pieces. Forging a common bond with the clever Yau-Man, Earl played a stealthy game with an Immunity Idol in his pocket, making few enemies along the way. Earl won over the hearts of the jury in a unanimous vote.

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